The Pursuit Of Freedom

They often ask us, what business have you as a woman, to defy these standards that we have set for you on how you should present yourself to us? But what kind of life is that, have we not evolved past man feeling entitled to take dominion over a female and her body.

I raise the question, how has your life been affected by an exposed nipple, thigh or belly?  What freedoms have we denied you, to substantiate your disgruntlement against the choices the female makes for and about her flesh and its exposure. 

The answer is none, whence every human must be allowed to manage themselves and its modus operandi. We have found our comfort outside of conformity and have made it our truth.  This is not an argument to convince the man and his jury of the reasons why we choose to live our lives this way. We do not need their permission any longer.

 We perceive life in light of our own personal experiences, and so I wish our daughters are exposed to our reality and the reasons for our actions, to take home the meaning of intentional self-love and the importance of choice.  A generation of girls who recognize their value beyond the opinions of another. The objective is on how These thighs save lives, these booties matter, and if I’ve got it trust I will flaunt it. So, we shall consistently and continually live out this reality.

This is a statement of affirmative action, of our intent and active role to live a life outside the bounds of societal expectations.  We have taken it upon ourselves to not make your personal problems our own.  Your reactions thereto will be of no concern to us. To each his own, management of self and its pursuit of freedom.

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