Her Plight

When she enters this mortal world, hold your daughter tightly and weep for the danger you have brought her into. No one knows the unfairness of life more than the girl child, and so you must awaken her to that reality as soon as she is able to tell day from night.

To the truth that makes her realize that it is the pain that we endure that she will struggle to survive. People don’t actively pursue hurt just so they can call themselves broken, and so she will break but never by her own doing.That she understands that the ones who are naturally meant to love you can have no love for you and even the ones who promise it to you are not inclined to see that through.

The important lesson is in our reaction to the realization of our brokenness, existing in a state of surviving loss and the concurrent pursuit of the self and its sanity.

Being a woman doesn’t have to feel like a prison sentence, yet the girl child endures a daunting confinement and dire conditions of existence, brought about by our patriarchal society’s pressures, expectations and requirements that take more from the woman than they’ll ever be able to give back to her.
Your heirs must not meet the same fate. Forewarned is forearmed, in so doing you ensure that your daughters do not fall short of how much of a necessary survival requirement it is, to be true to the self before anyone else and to love it selfishly.

We must stand firm through this torment, this unfairness and this inequality and SURVIVE for the sake of our daughters inevitable freedoms, their safety and livelihood. It is a revolutionary quest aimed at creating a conducive space of existence for the next generation of girls, who will know the value of living outside of confinement, living for oneself before pleasing society and its biased demands.

These lessons will form part of the bonding that commences even before the fetus feeds through her mother’s cord. An advancement in early childhood development.

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