Equipoise From Eden

Our eyes meet with intent when the attraction is mutual and so the idea of us makes sense.  We’ve heard the lucky ones say “love is the height of all celestial life experiences” so we long for it, we seek it and when we think we have hit a bullseye in our quests, our efforts are consequently devoted to a personal realization of all lessons that sprouted our pursuit.

To be in love, over and above self-love, the extension is to love a human with feet that walk the journey with you and arms that hold you through it. When we arrive at this state and have surpassed the awkwardness of the meeting and introduction of our personalities, we accept the ying and nurture the yang. We make promises of ‘with you I will stay, for better or worse.’

And the worst has come in the form of our early childhood conditioning on love and what life events have taught us before we became one. How do we depart from the backwards notion of the man is leadership, while the woman submits without interrogation? To recognize that woman is more than just bearer of children, and a man does not have to live with the pressure of constantly subduing his emotions just to prove his manhood to standards that do not acknowledge our humanity and efforts to build together.

It is a daunting reality that deems it necessary to have these discussions about the role of the female and male in a relationship notwithstanding the prerequisite of equality, in a world that has already set the terms of your partnership and the expectations thereto. These influences that we have allowed to penetrate our lives and our believes are the reasons the women are feminist in active protest for any other thing that sets to take away from their freedoms.

Perhaps we lost our balance in Eden when Eve ate the apple. There’s is no better time to recover it, to recognize and assume the much-needed balance between man and woman in companionship. To know that our only role is to compliment, nurture and love each other in our fullness, as co-pilots with the same merit in the course of our dealings with each other.  A partnership from Eden to the earth, whence the equipoise required to build a relationship that is neither based on nor perpetuates a system of patriarchy. Henceforth the man and woman are at equilibrium in love and life’s pursuits.


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