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  • What can you Do for me that I can’t do for myself? April 29, 2016
    I first heard this phrase a few years ago, through a boyfriend at the time, a girl was laying mack on him and instead of saying. I am sorry I have a girlfriend, or whatever other polite ways there are to decline, His response was “what can you do for me that I cannot do… […]
    Dec/2015 The indifference in the words I write to you does not attest to what my heart wishes to speak with you Because in its softness, my heart just wants to lie on your chest and synchronise its beating to the rhythm of your own, one heartbeat. A soundtrack of the infatuations that have emerged… […]
  • The sins of their fathers January 11, 2016
    Young black child born of the man who rendered himself unworthy of the love that breeds in its purest form in infancy, before the world envied the innocence of the child and snatched it away from him in adolescence. And in understanding ourselves and the human connections we choose to make, it is necessary to… […]
  • Praise To the love thats not promised. December 15, 2015
      I’ve grown so much from past emotions to find strength in myself, and even with the residual I can still give rays of sunshine to another because I have learnt to never let hurt consume me but rather have it serve as a learning platform. This growth that I have been afforded, three quarters… […]
    To say what you mean and only say it if you mean it is the only way we are going to relate/ I am not one for saying vague expressions that only I know the meanings to/ so why must you except me to assume when clarity can be offered on initial utterance/ we often hide feelings and… […]